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We Love Weddings.

Here's the thing though. Your wedding is such an important event in your life that it must be done right. You must receive the utmost level of service from all of your vendors, especially from your photographer.

At Houlden Studios we truly understand that a year after your wedding, ten years, fifty years, your photos are going to hold the key to unlocking the most fabulous memories of your day.

You will cherish showing your wedding album to your children, your grandchildren, and god-willing, your great-grandchildren.

You are going to spend uncountable hours over the next six, twelve, eighteen months preparing for this event.

You deserve a photographer who is going to be as committed to your wedding as you are.

For this reason, we restrict the number of wedding commissions we accept in any year to a just a few select events. This lets us spend the time that is necessary to get to know you and your finacé. To be fully prepared. To meet with your other vendors. To visit your venues several times before the wedding so we know your day inside and out. We work with you and your wedding coordinator in planning the timing of the day so that everything runs like clockwork and there is enough time alloted to acheive your dreams.

After your wedding, we work with exclusive vendors like Queensberry Albums and Resolve Photo to produce the very finest albums and portraits possible.

We would love to learn your story and discuss your wedding with you in greater detail so please call us today at:


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