Houlden Studios Photography


Houlden Studios Photography is Michael Houlden and Jennifer Houlden.

Houlden Studios Photography started as a dream.

A big dream.

Jen and I were living in the small Outback mining town of Roxby Downs in South Australia where we began creating beautiful portraits for the friends we met there.

One day we realised that something was missing from our lives.


We couldn't live without them close by any longer. We did what we had to do. Sold what we didn't need anymore and packed up the rest. Made arrangements for our fabulous furry trio - Soda, Frostie and Tripod - to be flown to Canada ahead of us and we made the move home.

Now, happily settled in Sugarbush, a Horseshoe Valley community between Barrie, Midland and Orillia in Simcoe County, Ontario we are pursuing our vision.

A vision developed from a lifetime of involvement in the development of youth in Australia and Canada.

A vision created from the joy of photography.

A vision developed from a passion for working and interacting with children, teens and their families.

A vision developed from our mission to

Celebrate Youth

Our vision is to capture those fleeting moments of childhood, youth, the transistion to adulthood and ultimately the rebirth and continuation of this never ending cycle of life.

The hopes.

The dreams.

The uncertainty.

The vulnerability.

The confidence.

The joy.

The excitment.

The wonder.